Essay on The Last Voyage Of Columbus By Martin Dugard

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The Last Voyage of Columbus, by Martin Dugard is a historical nonfiction book that discussed Christopher colobuses’ journey as an explorer. From his time in Hispaniola, to his forth and final voyage throughout the Caribbean which ended only 2 years prior to his death this book covers many important moments. I have never been someone who excels at history, because of this one reason I chose this book is because prior to reading this book I had a decent amount of knowledge about Christopher Columbus and his travels, the adventures aspect of the story drew me in as well. Many historical books don’t keep my attention, and I find them boring, however this book surprised me with its ability to kept the story line interesting and exciting while still covering many important moments throughout these historical events and discoveries. By the chapters being setup like a journal entry the book was very easy to follow, and kept up with, nothing seemed to become mixed up in confusing time lines, the only time I had some confusion is when the story would reference another date and jump around at some points, this was not too confusing though. Reading this book I expected to gain a greater, more in-depth knowledge of Columbus’s life, who he was as a person, and his many voyages across the Atlantic.
The author of the book, Martin Dugard, uses a writing style, as well as the books organization and layout, which creates an easy to comprehend and follow story line. Dougard’s writing style is…

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