Essay about The Last Time I Was A Philosophy Class

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The last time I took a philosophy class, I was in a different situation. At the time, I was not a student at FLCC. I was taking just two courses. It was my very first time in college and I was fifteen. The class was Logic 102 at Genesee Community College with Professor Gayford. I enjoyed the class, but I did not find it challenging. That was when I was just developing the beginning of my interest in philosophy. It was my father 's idea that I take the course. I had become very interested in logic, so my parents thought it would be a good idea to enroll me in a class. Now I do not mean to disrespect Professor Gayford when I say I did not find his class challenging. It really was quite interesting, but I felt like the environment required Professor Gayford to simplify his material. I thought he was a very intelligent man. Needless to say, I found this class far more challenging, mentally straining, and puzzling. I went into this class with a mindset that I would not have too much trouble since it was only a 101. I found myself to be surely wrong. Professor Gayford’s class was an excellent preparation for this class though, even if it was nearly three years ago. We spent a lot of time in that class talking about syllogisms and symbolic logic. It helped me learn how to think in a different style than most people. I think I am partially inclined towards the type of thinking that Professor Gayford imparted, but he demonstrated it in such a manner that I now tend to consistently…

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