The Last Thing A Fish Would Ever Notice Would Be Water Essay

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Ralph Linton (1936) once stated that “The last thing a fish would ever notice would be water”. This quote explains how we lack sociological imagination because we fail to see how societal institutions impact our behaviours as individuals. This creates issues which would require the changing of these institutions and their relationships that make up society in order to produce only positive results. A few examples of social institutions that have affected my life are Family, Medicine, Education and Mass media.
Because reality is socially constructed, we are born without knowledge of norms, beliefs, and values that are prevalent in our society. All of these sociological concepts are learned through society and how it impacts our social behaviour by creating a socially constructed self. This means that our personalities are embedded into us based on our experiences and interactions with society and social institutions. Even though we may live in society that is present in other people’s lives, we are unique based on our experiences so that no two people experiences life exactly the same way. This may lead to one person in a society having a different cluster of values than another person. When talking about myself specifically, I have strong personal values such as having to feel accomplished, compassion, intelligence, kindness, confidence and independence. A lot of these values were inherited from the social institution family and the others were learned while broadening my…

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