The Last Supper, By Leonardo Da Vinci Essay

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A large group of men sitting at a table, doesn’t seem like it could hold significant meaning. This is something that took place all throughout history and still takes place fairly often in today’s world. However, “The Last Supper,” by Leonardo da Vinci is a beautiful illustration of Jesus’ last meal with the twelve disciples before his crucifixion. We are able to analyze da Vinci’s painting from many different aspects including iconic, contextual, and formal points of view. This representational work of art holds a strong symbolism as its historic and religious contexts are displayed formally though oil and tempera on plaster. Leonardo da Vinci took interest in many subjects far beyond art, which explains his various genres of painting, yet many of his artworks were of the Christian genre. Around 48 years before da Vinci’s painting of “The Last Supper” began, Andrea del Castagno painted the “Last Supper” in the convent of Sant’Apollonia. The paintings are similar; however, Castagno uses the table as a barrier between Jesus and the disciples and Judas on the other side, whereas “Leonardo uses the table as a barrier to separate the spiritual realm from the viewer’s earthly world” (Harris). Leonardo’s painting is displayed upon the plaster in the Santa Maria delle Grazie, which is a church in Milano, Italy. If one has a background knowledge in the Christian faith, the making and viewing of “The Last Supper” in context explains itself. The history and religious meaning explains…

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