The Last Stop, By Amanda Coyne Essay

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The world is a strange place. People often grow up under a set of beliefs, traditions, and customs. These people become accustomed to and comfortable with the cultures that they have been raised under. “The Last Stop,” by Brian Cable; “I’m Not Leaving Until I Eat This Thing,” by John T. Edge; and “The Long Good-Bye: Mother’s Day in Federal Prison,” by Amanda Coyne, all explore unusual businesses that society deems to be, at minimum, slightly odd. These businesses are all similar in that their practice all bear a somewhat quirky and strange aura to them. Cable, Edge, and Coyne recall and explore the fears associated with becoming familiar with these unique businesses and their methods of resolution marvelously reflect the diverse range of reactions that people as a whole can have when overcoming their own fears. These three authors all acknowledge that humanity is riddled with unknowns and that these unknowns, regardless of magnitude, all provoke an inherent sense of fear within people that must be faced and overcome in one way or another. These three authors all, in some way, portray and project their fears and doubts in a physical thing: a business. These institutions are peculiar in that they specialize in some rather curious fields. For example, Cable presents readers with his trip to a mortuary. Cable recognizes that “death is a largely ignored subject” and the fact that a mortuary’s primary function is to “provide services for the dead” credits it with an uncomfortably…

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