The Last Royals Of France Essay

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The Last Royals of France
In the year of 1754 and 1755, the worst royals were born. Their childish and ignorant behavior would soon spark the start of the French Revolution.
On August 23, 1754, King Louis Auguste de France was born in the Palace of Versailles. He was the third son of Louis, Grand Dauphin, and Duchess Maria Anna Victoria of Bavaria. At a young age, Louis was forced to take on responsibility. As a shy child, this was not the best decision for his guardians to make. Louis parents paid very little attention to him, and instead to his older brother, soon to be king, Louis Duc de Bourgogne. ( Louis XVI Biography) In the 60’s of the 18th century, Louis’ life would turn upside down. In the year of 1761, Louis Duc de Bourgogne died. Then on December 20, 1765, Louis’ father died of tuberculosis, a potentially serious infectious bacterial disease that mainly affects the lungs. This tragedy gave Louis Auguste the title Dauphin when he was only eleven. Even though Louis’ took the deaths hard, his mother took it worse. Not recovering from their deaths, she eventually died on March 13, 1767, of the same disease as her deceased husband. Once his parents died, his mentors began to prepare him for the throne. He studied more about religion, morality, and humanities although; he excelled in Latin, history, geography, and astronomy and became very fluent in both Italian and English. His mentors also told him to develop a sense of austerity, to make his life a bit easier.…

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