The Last Pillar And The Overall Goal Of The Npt Is Disarmament

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The last pillar and the overall goal of the NPT is disarmament. In article six the treaty asks that “all Parties undertake to pursue good-faith negotiations on effective measures relating to cessation of the nuclear arms race, to nuclear disarmament, and to general and complete disarmament”(United States 2010). The “Good-Faith” negotiations happen every 5 years. During these negotiations, the countries come together to discuss disarmament, but the only problem with this is there is no actual place in the treaty that says an actual agreement ever has to be reached. The NPT negotiations as well as the treaty have been extended indefinitely, so theoretically they can go on forever. This is a major flaw in the NPT’s foundation. Though there goal was legislation that would fuel the disarmament of nuclear weapons this missing piece will continue to facilitate the arms races not only now but far into the future unless an agreement is made. Part of the reason it is unlikely that this will happen is not only the mentality that one will not stand down if the other does not, but the fact that arms dealing is a business. It creates jobs and fuels the economy just as war does. It’s a harsh cycle that is hard to stop.
These three pillars all connect, reinforce each other’s messages and form the foundation for the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Through these pillars the goal of the NPT was made very clear, however the system is significantly flawed. Nuclear technology exploded…

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