The Last Of The Just And My Father Bleed People

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Register to read the introduction… Similar to Ernie in The Last of the Just, Art Spiegelman demonstrates that “the mothers always told so,” and “they taught to their children” about the dangers of playing or associating with the Jews (Spiegelman, Maus I: My Father Bleeds History 149). From an early age, the non-Jewish parents would explain to their children to “be careful” around Jews because there were rumors surrounding Jews as cannibals, eating non-Jewish children (Spiegelman, Maus I: My Father Bleeds History 149). Like in The Last of the Just, Art Spiegelman’s father, Vladek, explains how “a Jew of the Reich,” was someone that “anyone could kill in the streets,” which shows how the Jews were always confined by the degrading stereotypes that have, throughout the centuries, historically plague them (Spiegelman, Maus I: My Father Bleeds History 61). Thus, the motif of animal and insect imagery is a concept that many young non-Jewish children have willingly accepted and abided by during the …show more content…
Childhood is usually a period in which children are generally protected against the brutalities of the world. However, Schwarz-Bart portrays that many Jewish children were robbed of having a normal upbringing as they were forced early on to take on the racism that plagued their religion. Ernie recalls how the impact of Herr Geek’s slaps forced the head of a young child “against his desk and knocked him under his chair,” as one of the many different beatings that are inflicted towards Jewish students (Schwarz-Bart 223). This type of brutal aggression against young children is furthermore illustrated when Herr Geek comments that since “cats meow, since dogs bark, and since pigs grunt,” then it must be okay for Jewish children to sing as well (Schwarz-Bart 225-226). These twisted events define and equate Jews as creatures, rather than as people. Thus, in The Last of the Just, Ernie demonstrates how he and the other Jewish children are treated as animals as he explains the brutality of some teachers and students at his

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