The Last Long Apology I Essay

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Good morning Kalina. This is the last long apology I’ll ever write you.

Kalina, since the day we met I knew we had something special, but I didn’t know what that something was. No one had ever wanted anything special with me. No one had ever wanted anything with me, period. I had never really had any friends, definitely never more than one good friend. Starting in middle school, my parents were going through a tough time (not in their relationship just like, with other parts of life) and I didn’t like bothering them about stuff, and it was hard to make friends or really do anything in middle school without wearing cool clothes and being cool but we couldn’t afford it and that was fine. I had a TV in my room and a PS3 I got for my christmas present and it was a good time. I had acquaintances here and there, I hung out with people sometimes, but I had no friends. I was never sad about it, other people had friends and they seemed to enjoy it and that was fine but I was okay with my life and I didn’t really care about what other people did. Even in high school, my dad had moved away and it wasn’t easy but I was okay with it. I hung out with Reed almost every weekend and it was okay. Even in Chattanooga, I sat alone on the days I ate lunch, sometimes I’d just go to the library. It wasn’t great I guess but I made it. I met Jackson about halfway through senior year and it was chill. Again I had acquaintances but just one closer friend and it was fine.

Then we met and all of that…

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