The Last Half Of The Glass Castle Essay

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The last half of the Glass Castle provided more information into Jeannette 's paternal grandparents, Erma and Ted. When the family arrives at the grandparent 's house, Erma said “Nice of you to let me see my grandchildren before I die” (p. 130, Para 3). As you continue to read it is self-evident that Erma did not care for her grandchildren, so it is unclear what she meant by it. Jeannette 's father Rex had a brother named Stanley. The alcoholism that Rex had, is also seen in both Erma and Stanley. “You could smell the whiskey on his breath….” (p. 131, Para 2). “Erma pulled a bottle of whiskey from the pocket of her house dress….” (p. 131, Para 4). Drinking was not the only pattern in the family; poverty and abuse are also seen. There were three bedrooms upstairs Erma said, but no one had been to the second floor in nigh or ten years, because the floor boards were rotted through (p. 132, para 2). Erma 's treatment of her grandchildren can be perceived in the admission of what her child hood was like. After Mom and Dad left, Erma became even more cantankerous. If she didn 't like the look on our faces, she would hit us on the back of the head with a serving spoon. Once she pulled out a framed photograph of her father and told us he was the only person who had ever loved her. She talked on and on about how much she 's suffered as an orphan at the hands of her aunts and uncles who hadn 't treated her half as kindly as she was treating us…

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