The Last Day Analysis

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The Last Day
The Last Day follows Alex Holland 's last day of high school and the choices he must make about what type of person he wants to become. Opposing forces pull him towards different paths but by the end of the day he will make choices that will make huge impact on his future
Act I: Alex 's last day of high school begins like any other; he wakes up, gets ready for school, has breakfast with his parents, and then off to school. At breakfast his parents tell him they are proud of him, but that they wish he had applied to colleges instead of deciding to work and save money. At school, before the graduation ceremony, his girlfriend Jessica tells him she wants him to quit his job working for her father 's auto detailing shop, or stop seeing her. They argue briefly, then
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All of Alex 's friends and family are there, and everybody keeps asking him what his plans are. Alex and Jessica talk outside, and she asks him if he still plans to work for her father. Alex doesn 't answer. Returning inside, he sees Vince, who gives him a questioning look. Worried about what he saw in the trunk of the car, being mixed up in Vince 's business, and losing the respect of his family, his friends, and Jessica, he leaves the party and goes to the police station

Saint God
In an ancient village during biblical times, a fatherless child is born to a mentally challenged unwed teenager and as villagers attempt to learn more about the child 's origins, they become exposed to an ancient and unspeakable horror.

Act I: In a rundown house on a hill on the outskirts of town, a child is born to an idiot mother who lives with her ancient father, the oldest man in the village and a man rumored to be involved in witchcraft. Rumors swirl about who the father could be, and nobody in the town ever sees the baby, other than when the girl brings it to town, completely wrapped in

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