The Last Article By Dr. Peter Dunn Essay

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The next article was written by Dr. Peter Dunn. He is a medical doctor specializing in obstetrics and pediatrics, as well as being research associate at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. His article validates the assertion that Aristotle contributed toward not only biology, but logic, psychology, politics, ethics, metaphysics, and other disciplines. Also noted, is the observation that Aristotle was the first to systematically study and categorize the fields of anatomy, botany, embryology, zoology, teratology, and physiology (Dunn, 2007). While stating the fact that Aristotle was “starting from scratch,” Dunn is lenient in his judgement of Aristotle for not all of his theories being completely correct (Dunn, 2007). Dunn continues to describe Aristotle as the “great classifier and codifier,” and goes on to describe Aristotle’s observational skills and how he developed not only what was basically a theory of evolution, but also a theory of generation that while somewhat incorrect, turned out to be remarkably factual (Dunn, 2007). Also in the article, Dunn asserts that Aristotle believed that an egg was formed in the female uterus (close, but not quite right) and that it was a result of semen activating menstrual blood (Dunn, 2007). He also believed that a male child’s sex was determined by the father, although if the semen wasn’t “strong enough,” then a female would be conceived (Dunn, 2007). Also to Aristotle’s credit, he was the founding father of the science…

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