The Largest Country On The South American Continent Essays

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Brazil is the largest country on the South American continent, which covers 8,515,770 sq km territory in total and is the 5th largest country in the world. Its population is 205,823,665 people, according to the data collected in July 2016, and mostly consists of white (47.7%) and mulatto (43.1%) people. The percentage of black people is 7.6% of the whole population. The official language, that is also the most widely spoken, is Portuguese; however, other tongues, such as Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, and English are also used. Roman Catholic is the most common religion, which has 64.5% of the population as followers, with other Catholic followed only by 0.4% of the citizens. The second popular religion is Protestant, which has 22.2% of the population as followers. Minor percentages of the population also follow other Christian religions, and 8% of the citizens are agnostics or atheists (“The World Factbook — Central Intelligence Agency”, 2016).
The population of Brazil is rather mixed and has high diversity rates. Due to the immigration from Europe that was present during the whole Brazilian history, the races have mixed and combined, creating new appearances and mentalities. Migration processes also continue today, however, nowadays the countries that provide the most immigrants are Argentina, Chile, and Andean countries. Moreover, some people consider themselves Brazilian Indians, as they come from families which have inhabited the land prior to the…

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