The Larger Organization Essay

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Larger organizations have used culture as a way of describing the reason for the success of innovation or results that go against the industry norms. Companies continue to evolve company culture to attract and keep the right type of employees that will help and support strategic growth. In contrast, culture has been sighted by disgruntled employees for one of the reasons for leaving or for seeking employment with companies that are more in line with the employee’s personality and values. In my employment history I have only left one company because I was actively disengaged and it was because of the culture. Zappos has been built on the culture of service and employee ‘Happiness”. Both of these elements have led to Zappos growth in …show more content…
In the case study Hsieh talks about the fact that 75% of Zappos revenue comes from repeat business that is not based on Zappos having the best price1. Repeat business that has been driven by a service orientated culture which meant getting employees who were engaged and committed to the company’s outcome.
In a 2012 poll, Gallup found that only 13% of employee were actually engaged at work. The bulk of employees worldwide -- 63% -- are "not engaged," meaning they lack motivation and are less likely to invest discretionary effort in organizational goals or outcomes2. Zappos culture has obvious contributed to their results and success when compared to industry norms.
Zappos as a Lifestyle: Hsiesh cited a study that said that people are happier and more engaged at work if they made friend on the job. To support this Zappos included a core value – build a team and family spirit to this Zappos funds a number of events where management and employees can mingle. Zappos also encourages management to spent at least 20%-30% of their time socializing with their teams. As a consulting manager your teams is constantly changing so it is difficult when you try to build a relationship with your team, no sooner have you established a bond and then they are off doing something else. When you get a new team of people especially one that you have not worked with before it is important that you spend some time talking to them. I like to

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