The Language Spoken At Home Essay

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Juan stated that Spanish is the other language spoken at home. However, having a second language can cause some tension in the family, because the first generations who move to the United States do not speak English well, and the third generation, struggles with the Spanish language. They try to use the second language at home and at church, however, the second language causes tension in the family because the first generation has not learned English, and the third generation does not want to learn the Spanish language. The third generation has a hard time trying to communicate with family members back in Guatemala. They try to resolve their differences by understanding that one generation was raced in a Spanish speaking country, and the other generation was raised in a country where English is the dominant language. They try to communicate the best they can. According to Fillmore (1991), many children from immigrant parents tend to lose their first language when they are introduced to a second language. He believes that not many children who are born in American are proficient in their ethnic language.
When I ask Juan and Marta about their feelings toward extended family, they responded that they do not relate much with extended family. Juan stated that most of their cousins live in Guatemala and they do not call or see each other, so extended family is not important in their family. Juan and Marta define family as a husband with his wife and children. They believe that the…

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