The Language Of The Us Constitution Essay

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The US constitution is written in English. Therefore, the official language of the law is English. Law only understands English and provides protection for the things that are defined in English. For instance, "Church" is an English word and the definition of a Church is a designated place or building where people congregate for worshiping God. The first amendment of the US constitution provides the right to practice any religion, and therefore US constitution provides protection for the Church. However, what happen to the things that are not encapsulated within the definition of a particular English word? For instance, Native American people do not have any particular place or building to congregate and pray or perform their religious ceremony. They pray in nature. For them, this world, nature is their Church. Definition of the English word "Church" does not encapsulate that, so the law of the land does not provide protection for the place of worship of the Native Americans to practice their religion. Thus, the official language of the law plays a very important role in the way of life of its citizen.
Native Americans do not have religion instead they have a way of life, pray all day, every day and they do not have designated place (building) for worship. In the documentary "In The Light of Reverence", we have seen for the Lakota people "Black Hill", is the center of life, and they considered it sacred for them. Lakota people believe that "Black Hill" is the place where…

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