The Language Of The English Language Essay

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"Our language has more rhythmic tones," Ms. Hudson said. To some people, 'she be going ' just flows, it 's just a natural thing." Over decades, Linguists have attest to the Black English Vernacular (BEV) as being a remnants and a fusion of the West African Language used by enslaved persons brought to the Americas over 400 years ago. Enslaved people were denied a formal education, but were required to learn the language to communicate with white master, hence the BEV dialect was fashioned. In today’s society, this dialect has greatly influenced different sectors of the English language, from slang to highly respected fables such as the Uncle Remus Tales and Huckleberry Finn. Standard English is the version of English used by Americans, Canadians, Australians, British, Indians, Caribbean (Pandey, 2000). Standard American English (SAE) is the United States English used in grammar books and not necessarily the accents (how we say something) (Pandey, 2000). Non-Standard English is what a good portion of people use in their everyday, non-professional lives. It is usually taken from their childhood hometown and is essentially a cultural identity of history and pride BEV and Standard American English (SAE) are two closely-related linguistic systems which coexist in the African-American linguistic. Some of key notable variances in distinctions features are in verbs, tense, subject-verb agreement, and determiners. Over the years there have been much debate on whether…

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