The Language Of The English Language Essay

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Language is a system of sounds, words, and patterns used by people all over the world to communicate their thoughts and feelings; it is the expression of thought through speech sounds. The knowledge of language is vital to learning; through language, we can connect with other people and make sense of our experiences. Written communication is permanent, timeless, complex, intricate and can be read many times over; our body language is another example of a visual form of expression. The language we see and hear differs in many ways. The language we hear is transient, dynamic and can add emotional context with timing, tone, volume, and timbre. As a living language, English changes over time and varies according to the region and social setting; it’s diversification forms key markers of membership for ethnic groups. Not only is the English language diverse it also has different standards; Standard English is used widely in education, the media, and the law; it is learnt in school and is not bounded by geographic location. Primarily this report will explore the different roles language has in a child’s life.

Language As Communication
Everyone is born with the ability and want to communicate; it is up to the environment as to which ways we do so (Fellows & Oakley, 2014). A language rich environment provides the foundation for building communication; early non-verbal skills develop before the good speech and language skills can be acquired (London Borough of Hounslow, 2010). An…

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