Essay about The Language Of The English Language System

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It is entirely undeniable that language has power. We use language to explain feelings, thoughts, rights, and reasons and utilize it as a way to move and change the world so that it can be more inclusive for all groups of people. Language has allowed marginalized groups to explain their experiences, to change the discourse surrounding them, and to give them titles that they choose rather than ones forced upon them. Sadly though, the same language that can free some individuals can cause others to feel further oppressed or excluded. The English language system (and truly most global languages) is deeply rooted in a fierce attachment to the identification by which I mean the issue that we cannot leave something to exist without a label. This is a reflection of the hegemonic power of society within our language structures wherein which we create labels that we argue are there to free others from the constraints of heterosexuality but requiring them to succumb to those categorizations. We force people to choose one, even when they may be loath to do so because they feel that none properly fit them, their feelings, and their experiences. Therefore I will make the argument that queer is an encompassing term, not to be used to erase the ones that already exist but as a term to fit those who need something more. That queer is a term that can encompass their full range of feeling and experience and is a term suited for the “others” of the “others”, as it were.
Wilchins explains this…

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