The Language Of The English Language And Vocabulary Essay

1983 Words Sep 24th, 2015 8 Pages
Everyday people live they string together their individual thoughts and ideas into mosaics of words and writings. Driven by the human brain 's endless imagination, creativity, and rapid fire thinking, these mosaics are unique to each individual person and the language they consistently shape on their own. But where does this originality in a common language come from? What is it that forms people’s own dialects and manners when speaking? It is a possibility that it may be from family, but it is both statistically and logically a much higher possibility that it is from one’s peers and surroundings. For most of people, it is normal to have a grasp on the English language and to be able to hold very basic conversations before they enter school. However, even though people learn how to form words with their families, it is in school amongst their peers that they learn how to truly speak and expand both their knowledge of the English language and vocabulary. Within elementary school one interacts and talks with their classmates, and learns lessons on how to speak and write from his or her teacher. I remember the days back when I was four years old sitting on the randomly scattered mats in Pre-K, as we all just plopped down wherever we wished with a few of us being so bold as to lay down with the hope that our teacher did not chide them. My teacher, who’s name I have regrettably forgotten, standing above us all doing her best to try and get us to learn key words in the English…

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