Essay on The Language Of Family And The Food Factory

702 Words Dec 2nd, 2016 3 Pages
As most people know, getting into a new relationship can be difficult. Trying to get your in-laws to like you can be a challenge, and cause some anxiety. Our reading this week was to read stories that discussed the conflicts and difficulties seen when having a new family. These writings told the stories of women who struggled with being in a new lifestyle and their struggles they had to face between their in-laws. A couple of the stories, like “The Language of Family” and “The Food Factory” were about the difficulty of the women and learning the Turkish language in order to communicate with their new families. The other stories that we read were “Cherry Pie” and “Water Under the Bridge.” These stories were about the conflicts that the foreign wives faced in their families with their different lifestyles. These stories were very relatable for some of the things I have to deal with in my personal relationship with my in-laws. In the story “Water Under the Bridge,” was about a woman whose mother-in-law was very set in doing things her way that she paid no attention to how her daughter-in-law felt about doing things the way she always has. In this story we also see how her family pays no attention to privacy and comes over whenever they want. Privacy is something I feel is important, so after I read this story I could relate to it very well. As my Fiancé and I plan to build a house on his farm I can only fear that his parents will make their way over to our house anytime they…

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