Essay about The Language Of Art By The Wise Henry David Thoreau

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The Language of Art: How to Prosper in the Creative World

As the wise Henry David Thoreau once stated, “This world is but a canvas to our imagination. Thoreau, a non-conformist similar to myself, understood the means it took to separate oneself from society’s standards and restraints in order to be individually successful. Throughout my life, I have seen the difficulties an artist must endure in order to be successful in the typical sense. However, I have also learned that success can come in many different forms and can be attained through many different methods. This work you are reading is a different type of art for me. It is the art of wisdom I have obtained throughout my life and now have the opportunity to share with a new generation of `minds. I believe it is of the utmost importance for those with life experience to aid those without. Through sharing my opinions and experience in the artistic world, I hope to influence those reading to take action and promote the ideals that I share. It is important that those younger than myself can see the impact that certain decisions can have on the artistic world in the future. Transition takes time, time that frankly I do not have, so it is the duty of the next generation of artists to evolve the artistic society we live in today. Art is a vital part of life for many: from celebrities to poets, painters to scientists, art shapes more people’s lives than many think. My main focus in life has been, and will continue…

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