The Language Of Advertising : William Lutz And Charles A. O ' Neill

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Most people don’t realize it, but advertisements are all over the place, people are always trying to sell something. When watching a movie one might not notice but there are scenes where the main character is drinking something and they are always holding the drink with the logo facing towards the audience. Most people don’t notice it but it is a little trick for people to see that and also want the same drink. The language of advertising is very vague and open for interpretation, which is often for the reason why it’s misleading. William Lutz and Charles A. O’Neill both wrote articles explaining the different techniques that advertisers use in order to sell their products. They each take different sides in the fight of whether it is the consumer’s fault or the producer’s fault. I agree with Lutz because of his ways of presenting his information. Most of his points are easier to agree, such as weasel words.
Advertisers have a bunch of different ways to pull in the consumer and sell them their products but one of the most efficient ways is using weasel words. William Lutz writes about weasel words in his piece “With These Words, I Can Sell You Anything” and takes the side of it’s the producer’s fault and the consumer has to be aware of this problem. Weasel words are words that look like they have meaning but in reality have none at all. He explains that weasel words get their names from when weasels go into nests and pokes a small hole and sucks the insides of the eggs out…

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