Essay The Language Of Advertising By Charles A. O ' Neill

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Human beings come in contact with advertising everyday. Although there are various forms of advertising, they all speak the same language. In, The Language of Advertising by Charles A. O’Neill, he discusses the many language techniques advertisers use. O’Neill emphasizes that even though the language of advertising is effective, it is not brainwashing. All consumers are capable of learning the sneaky techniques advertisers use and how to avoid seductive advertisements. Otherwise, all consumers would go bankrupt. Frank Luntz in his article, Be All That You Can Be: The Company Persona and Language Alignment, provides consumers with more knowledge of how devious and crafty advertisers can be. If consumers become aware of how the company persona affects our shopping habits he or she is less likely to be misguided by advertisement. Advertising is inescapable and necessary for our society to flourish.

O’Neill’s Perspective of Advertising

O’Neill defines “the language” of advertising since the language is unlike our everyday language. He stated, “Images can take the form of words, sounds, or visuals, used individually or together. The combination of images is the language of advertising, a language unlike any other.” (O’Neill 348) Then, he uses the rest of his article to describe this unique language. Throughout his article he remains in a serious tone in order to fully educate his readers on the manipulations of advertising. The article discusses the multiple persuasive…

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