The Language And Literacy Development Of The Children Using Aac

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were used for the purpose of charting a holistic and detailed picture of the language and literacy development of the children using AAC. The goal of the study is to explore effective approaches for supporting communication (including oral language, literacy, and technology skills) among those who require AAC devices. They took part in an intensive, 4-week summer intervention program. The program was designed to explore effective approaches, content and contexts for supporting communication, including oral language, literacy, and technology skills for those who require AAC.
Results indicated students using AAC benefit from the integration of oral language, literacy, and technology skill development, as well and there may be an advantage in combining individual, explicit instruction with collaborative, authentic literacy experiences. These areas made it possible to have inclusions as part of the scenario when teaching AAC uses. The ‘‘language immersion approach’’ used in the current study also had the effect of limiting the communication rates of the adult partners, and therefore enhancing communicative opportunities for the students using AAC (Meyers, 2007).
The primary purpose of this narrative is to discuss how teachers and teaching assistants working in England in mainstream classrooms interpret and follow the concept of inclusion in their classrooms in a practical way. This is being investigated, because the ideology of inclusion has different meanings within the…

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