The Language And Culture Of India Essay

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Speech or writing in English that shows the influence of the language and culture of India. Indian English is one of the oldest regional verities of the English language. In India, English has been in use for more than four centuries, first as the language of thee early merchant’s missionaries and settlers later. As the language of the British colonial power, and finally After India’s independence 1947-as the so called associated official languages. The conceptualization of Indian English as a linguistics entity has posed challenges, and its existence as variety in its own right repeatedly been questioned although linguistics nowadays agree widely that Indian English has established itself as an independent language tradition not to be mistaken for an impoverished version of the queen’s English, The question of just how unique or different Indian English is as compared to other varieties of English open. Indian English be treated as an autonomous language system should it be treated as normal English with more or less learner-specific deviations or should it be treated as a ‘modular’ ‘national ‘or ‘international’ variety. It is surprising to see that in spite of the plethora of publications from theoretical, historical and sociolinguistics perspectives comparatively little imperial linguistics research has been conducted on the structure and use of Indian English that would help us put the available hypotheses to test. English in India those who consider their English their…

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