The Landlady Analysis

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Roald Dahl is the Author of a chilling short story called the "landlady" The landlady is a wonderful tale about a young man named Billy Weaver, and his confrontation with the landlady; an older women who runs a strange bed and breakfast. This short story though it doesn't seem, gives off an important message; don't judge a book by it's cover. As the main Character Billy Weaver with his coat, top hat, and suitcase was deciding if he should stay at the Bed and Breakfast, something caught his eye and he felt obligated to stay here. When he rang the doorbell something strange happened. Something that could only happen if you were being watched. "He didn't have time for his finger to get off the doorbell when the door swung open." This quote from the story is suspicious as it is depicting the landlady …show more content…
"There were no other hats or coats in the hall." This brings some skepticism as it makes you think of a reason why know one else is there. Did she kill them? Or was there no other reason then a bed and breakfast was not needed. An additional quote from the story that brings more unease is when Billy and the landlady are sitting on the couch enjoying the tea and talking about the two names that were on the check in book, when the landlady says that there wasn't a blemish on his body." The reason this brings unease to the story as it makes you wonder how she saw his full body. Did she watch him when he was changing? Roald Dahl's chilling short story is written perfectly, how he has Billy Weaver shrug. Everything off from no hats or coats in the front room, to the door opening before he could get his finger off the bell. This short story also adds another element and that is the lesson. It teaches the reader; never judge a book by it's cover. In conclusion this story is amazing it is like a good pie; leaving you wanting

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