The Land Of The Free Essay

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The United States, “the land of the free”, is a nation of significant diversity; covering the most important of many ethnical spectrums. Much of the nation 's issues are the result of the same ethnical diversities that attract one to the “land of the free.” Our government leaders and elected officials must take into account these ethnical diversities when attempting to address and correct problems that affect one 's ability to live peacefully and equally in the United States. There are many issues facing the American National Government in which the current legislation and political resolution is insufficient; amongst these issues is simply, gun control. Supporters of gun control don 't believe the government does enough. Having said that, gun rights advocates fancy that gun control laws go too far. It is not until a tragedy occurs when efforts to promote gun control reforms are renewed. Solutions that will resolve gun control and provide future stability safeguarding the nation from recurring problems include: enforcing metal detectors and stations in the entrances of all buildings, and requiring GPS tracking chips to be placed on all firearms owned by authorized personnels.
On November 22nd, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Shortly after this event that marked history, public awareness increased to the lack of control over the sale and possession of firearms in the United States. Firearms are: “... generally classified into three broad types: (1)…

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