Essay on The Land Of The Free / Land

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America, “the land of the free/ land of equality”, where from every morning side freedom rings. America is not as free and equal as it is portrayed to be. America is the land of the slaves and indentured servants. People have dreams of coming to America because it is supposedly a free and equal land and a land of opportunity but, once they arrive they see that it is the total opposite. During the 1600s, a servant labor system began. As a way to get to America, immigrants would sale themselves to ship captains to work for an employer. In order to gain freedom, the immigrants would have to work a certain number of years, usually 4 to 7, to gain freedom rights and land from their owners. The indentured servants had a horrible living. They were given no food, had few torn up clothes, and worked long hours of the day (Two letters home, Pg. 46-47). There were horrible diseases floating around. Scurvy, lice, dysentery, and sea sickness were all common diseases of both the ship ride and standard living. Starvation was also a common issue. Many indentured servants died of these diseases on the ship ride. Along with their horrible living, came obligations and rights of an owner. Indentured servants who became an apprentice to a skilled worker had to live by a contract. The indentured servant must serve his master, faithfully keep secrets, and gladly abide by his master’s rules everywhere. He cannot do damage to his master or his master’s good. He cannot participate in card games,…

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