The Lakota Way By Joseph Marshall IIi Breaks The Culture Into 12 Separate Values

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The aspects of Native American culture can be examined in many parts. The previously studied book, “The Lakota Way” by Joseph Marshall III breaks the culture into 12 separate values; while this piecewise analysis of Native American culture can work well to describe the complexities of the culture, Kent Nerburn is able seamlessly integrate aspects of Native American culture into his book, “Neither Wolf nor Dog.” Nerburn displays the past and present aspects of promises, forgiveness, and respect in Native American culture with his interactions with Dan, a Native American elder.
Kent Nerburn received a call that would later lead to him to making a promise to a Native American elder, Dan, that he would write a book for him, later becoming, “Neither Wolf nor Dog.” This book was to chronicle Dan’s life but also be written in a Native American style. This style proved to be very difficult for Nerburn, causing him to almost break his promise. While Nerburn started writing the book, Dan offered help by giving Nerburn boxes of notes, thoughts, letters, and news clippings that Dan found important. After Nerburn started writing, Dan decided that this style seemed too ‘white,’ so Dan decided to burn all of the notes he had given to Nerburn. At the time Nerburn couldn’t understand why Dan had done this, Nerburn was ready to head home to his family. As Nerburn started to leave, his truck had broken down, leaving him stranded on the reservation. This forced Nerburn to tag along with Dan on…

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