The Lake Of Fire : Slave Resistance During The Middle Passage

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The majority of students, including myself knows about slavery. Our own selves have seen, heard, and often talked around it intensively in class discussions or with our parents. The biggest common slaves that were famous by doing something drastic was Harriet Tubman, Fredrick Douglas, and George Washington Carver. Harriet Tubman became famous for her secretive underground railroad that led an enormous amount of slaves to freedom by following the North Star. Fredrick Douglas became famous for being able to read and write an intelligent book about his life. George Washington Carver became famous for peanut butter. What they all have in common could be found in their rebellion or shown that they knew more than what they masters’ thought they knew. This information is relevant to the article that will be discussed throughout the paper, which is by Antonio T. Bly Crossing the Lake of Fire: Slave Resistance During the Middle Passage, 1720-1842. Bly opens up his article by telling a fascinating yet a little dramatic story about how a captain of a ship goes through a terrible storm and on his boat are his crewman and his slaves at the bottom of the ship. The slaves decided then that they would try to take over the ship and become free from slavery. Additionally, majority of this evidence make Bly’s argument extremely successful because of how he integrates the accounts of doctors, captains, and the slaves themselves. He effectively gives numerous accounts of evidence proving…

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