The Lais Of Marie De France Essay

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“The Lais of Marie De France”, Marie De France wrote a collection of the most popular tales of the Medieval period. One of the tales named “Eliduc”, was about a knight named Eliduc who was the most bravest and courtly knight anyone has ever seen. He was loved very much by the King of Brittany where both he and the King resided. Because Eliduc was the popular and most loved knight, he had many enemies too, that were very jealous of him. So one day, the people who didn 't like Eliduc had told the king lies about him and were successful in changing the Kings ' perception about him and then had him banished for good. With him being banished, he left his loving and selfless wife, Guildeluec, behind and promises to come back to her and also promises to be faithful while he was gone. When he left he had taken only 10 other knights along with him and they set of to a place called Logres. They arrive at the Land of Tontes, which is in the middle of a brutal war. The Lord of Tontes refused to give his daughter 's hand in marriage to anyone who asked for it, so another lord began a war against the Lord of Tontes. So while this is going on, Eliduc decides that they only way to find a new lord and prove to him his worthiness is to be of service to him. Eliduc hatches a master plan to ambush his enemies on a path that the enemy would have to take when they retreated back to their kingdom. After this, Eliduc and his army has some of his enemies captured and goes back to the Lord of…

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