Essay about The Lady 's Dressing Room By Jonathan Swift

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It can be said that society has always been quite judgmental, and at times misguided when it comes to women. The negative perceptions that society has towards females are often times directly related toward her actions. What a female does seems to degrade her identity and capabilities in the eyes of some men. In the poems “The Lady’s Dressing Room” and The essay “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift, we can see both authors use of tone, form and style to develop their works. These poems are mainly driven by men’s attitudes towards women. A man’s perceived opinion about women can negatively shape society’s views and perceptions of them. The poem “The Lady’s Dressing Room” is a satire about a woman’s appearance. In the poem the character Celia was fully degraded due to the state in which her dressing room was kept. Celia was criticized in the poem because she spent hours in her dressing room getting ready. This is also seen as a form of exaggeration and irony in the poem. The poet seems to exaggerate a lot in this poem. He talks about Celia in this way in order to convey or project a negative perception of her. “Five hours (and who can do it less in?) /By haughty Celia spent dressing; /The goddess from her chamber issues/Arrayed in lace, brocade, and tissues”, (swift 1-4). The quote shows that the poet clearly dislikes Celia or women in general; he is so disturbed by her dressing room that he degradingly comments on how long she takes to get dressed and…

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