The Lady With The Pet Dog Essay

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Sexuality is expressed differently in every country and culture on the planet. To an even greater extent, males and females have different views on how to handle intimate situations. These views are made evident in Anton Chekhov’s and Joyce Carol Oates’ versions of “The Lady with the Pet Dog.” Currently, our society incorrectly assumes men to crave sex and women to be infatuated with love. The emotional aspects of sexual relationships, the treatment of unfaithfulness, and the treatment of sexual partners all show how society has separated genders, although they are similar. Males are known to be uncaring, and focused more on physical aspects of relationships. Gurov is no exception, he disregards females emotions. He lets Anna “have her cry” (Chekov 234) while he sits down and makes himself a cup of tea (234). Gurov does not intertwine himself in her emotions because it would be incorrect of him to do so. This seemingly petty thought causes a great deal of male emotions to be suppressed until there is a true connection between two people, marriage, in our society. Gurov only shows his true emotions once Anna is gone, and he is left alone with only the thought of her. A lack of emotion in males may not seem like a problem, except it allows Gurov to elevate his status in his eyes. He describes Anna as having “timidity, the angularity of inexperienced youth, [and] a feeling of awkwardness.” (227). Gurov feels that he is more experienced or better than Anna, due to his seemingly…

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