The Lady With The Pet Dog Essay

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Not the Dogs!
Anton Chekhov wrote the short story “The Lady with the Pet Dog” in 1899; in 1972 Joyce Oates retold Chekhov’s story by the same name. Oates’s retelling of Chekhov’s story is from the woman’s perspective rather than the man 's; some critics claim that Chekhov’s version is superior, and I am inclined to agree. Chekhov’s version of the story is more interesting than Oates’s version due the use the setting, structure, and perspective. Both Chekhov’s and Oates’s versions use setting as a medium, through which, they tell their stories. Chekhov’s version of, “The Lady with the Pet Dog”, takes place in Yalta, Russia; a country that stirs feelings of hardships and the town where affairs are had. Dmitry says ,“...stories told of the immorality in Yalta…”, showing that these setting go well with the theme of adultery (214). Oates places his version in Nantucket, Ohio; a town that stirs almost no feeling, if any, that pertain to the themes. Chekhov’s version of the story is set in 1899, a decade before world war one, while Oates’s version takes place in 1972. 1899 is the more interesting of the two times because tensions were high just before the world war. the only notable activity is the hippies. Chekhov 's settings convey feeling that go along with the themes of the story, as well as, occur in an era of greater interest. Both Chekhov and Oates versions of “The Lady with the Pet Dog” have female protagonists. Anna Sergeyevna is the female protagonist from chekhov’s…

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