The Lady With The Pet Dog Essay example

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Love is a topic that is either well-spoken of or not spoken of at all. Love is different to each individual. Some see love as something beautiful while others see love as evil or some type of trap. According to the short story “The Lady with the Pet Dog”, love is both beautiful and a trap for our main characters. There are many different types of love that our main characters have but it all depends on the person they love. When the story first begins we learn about one of the main characters, Dmitri Dmitritch Gurov. The reader’s learn that he is married but isn’t satisfied with his wife. They married at a young age and is sleeping around with other women. After analyzing what Dmitri has went through and is doing now this seems like an example of love being some type of trap. He loved his wife at a young age and got married. As he grew older he fell out of love with her but is still with her. Many people would consider this type of love a trap because he’s with her although he doesn’t really love her anymore; sweet because he married the first woman he loved and is sticking it out with her; or as foolish because young people are still in the learning process about loving themselves before they could love someone else. In my opinion I believe that the type of love Dmitri has with his wife is nothing but love from the past which died out. It is hard to believe that you are married to someone for so many years but aren’t happy with that person and don’t love…

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