The Lady With The Pet Dog Essay

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Love is tricky but essential to human existence; however it often fails to transcend boundaries of accepted morality due to a complicated reality. And while forbidden love almost always comes up with an expiration date, there are rare occasions where it actually morphs into true love. In “The Lady with the Pet Dog”, Anton Chekhov suggests in the story, that love can transform even the most ordinary people and lives into something extraordinary. The story of Anna and Gurov is not the stereotypical love story formula. There is the desire to be together for these two characters, but there’s an obstacle; they’re both married. The unexpected forbidden love that evolves between two married people appears to be considered as a story about morality and infidelity. But a deeper reading of the story reveals the transformation by love has psychological depth and quiet emotional power.
Anton Chekhov adds a depth of psychological dynamic to the characters in which he conveys an accurate picture of the realities of life in “The Lady with the Pet Dog”. Chekhov wants to make a point that love radically alters the landscape of existence. When touched by love, we know the world in a different way. Love changes the inner landscape, too. Under the pressure of love, Gurov looks inside himself and sees someone he has not known before, some capable of feelings that he did not know existed. Chekhov mainly focuses on the character Dmitry Gurov and his thoughts regarding his romantic liaison…

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