The Lady Or The Tiger By Frank Stockton Essay

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When reading The Lady or The Tiger the reader can assume that the man opens the door with the lady behind it. However, some claim that the story is about chance, when in all reality this is a story about dilemma. In the story The Lady or The Tiger, written by Frank Stockton, all four elements of plot are used. There are several elements of conflict in this particular story but the most significant is the conflict the man faces when he’s in the arena debating what door to open. Complication in this story is a lot like the conflict in that the man is torn between which door to open, so he chooses to the kings daughter decide which door he is to open. The climax comes toward the end of the reading where the princess gestures toward the door on the right and the man starts toward that door. We as the reader can only make assumptions as to what the princess is thinking, so it really intriguing when the man takes her advice. What’s behind the door, “the lady, or the tiger?” This story doesn’t necessarily have a conclusion; it is left for the reader to decide the man’s fate. The man faces a dilemma in the story, when he is faced with a choice. What door to open? Although the man lets the king’s daughter pick the door for him he is still faced with a huge dilemma; whether or not he can truly trust that she will pick what’s best for him. Throughout the course of the story, the man stays strong-willed and he trust the king’s daughter completely and that they share on soul, so when she…

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