The, Ladies And Gentlemen, By Tadeusz Borowski Essay

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Research Paper This Way to Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen by Tadeusz Borowski, was a very vivid and gruesome reading it showed the horrors and terrors of the inhumane acts the S.S. men had done during World War II in the concentration camps. Although the author himself being a survivor of the atrocities and nightmarish times of WWII in Nazi Germany one reading this story might find it too direct and descriptive. This style of writing to many readers might be too much for them to handle but I believe when it comes to important life events such as this one the person will want to be as vivid and clear as possible to properly show what that person himself in this case the author has gone through. I agree with this style of writing it clearly shows from a narrative point of view how life was life in a concentration camp. The reading shows problems which can also be depicted in historical references with morality, the choices one had to make often blindly, and it brought to light the realization that no matter what was done in the camp the end result of death was ever present. Although some people may not agree with the style of this writing or just the way it was so blunt I believe that when it comes to citing historical and horrible atrocities one cannot hold any bit of detail back that one should be as forthcoming as possible and give every little detail possible. The reasons why I believe this first of if you try to hide certain details of an event such as this you may be leaving…

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