The Lack Of The Psychiatric Nurse Present Essays

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There was an implication that the most significant finding of this study was the lack of the psychiatric nurse present in the parents lives. The nurses can provide the much needed help for the parents and the child with things such as family counseling and certain task for caring for the child and the parents themselves. There is an emotional link between the parents mental and physical health, and the child’s growth and health. The nurses can be helpful in the increase the knowledge and changing the attitudes among educators who may be ignorant in terms of the disorder. The reason there is likely a sense of ignorance among the educators is because there is a lack of connections between health professionals and educators. The educators are not aware...There was a source of discrimination. There is discrimination of the child presented from relatives of the family. The are excluded from social activities of the family, and if they are involved in any they are more likely to be subjected to expulsion. The participants described how the children were subjected to name calling and have been outcasted leading to kids asking them why can’t they participate and receiving the answer they don’t want to hang out around with a freak. This source of no help leads the parents feeling alone and a desire of help from someone. The parents do not know what to expect from their children as stated in the text bipolar disorder is can be a seasonal. The symptoms may have a seasonal pattern…

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