The Lack Of Sufficient Income Essay

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The lack of sufficient income especially in poor neighborhoods has played a big part in the increased level of poverty, which has resulted to an impact on the deflation of the social welfare and the increase need for financial support from the government. Wealth does not come running to everyone. Many are lucky to gain wealth, whilst others have to struggle to make ends meet to support their family’s needs. Money is one of the key resources for survival and the fulfillment of our needs, so an increase in any income is considered beneficial. Increasing the minimum wage will protect low income families and will give them a better chance in life. In addition, it will reduce government expenditures and social issues, and it will portray positive influence for the next generation.
In the workplace, some employers take advantage of employees who are of low income, inexperienced, and uneducated to exploit them to their advantage. The minimum wage has been a source of protection for the poor to prevent exploitation. Families of low earnings rely on minimum wage to help them provide the basic needs to survive. Increasing the minimum wage will help these individuals to better themselves by saving more money and been able to go back to school to get a better education. In addition, it will help provide more food and supplies for their family, and the ability to pay their bills. Their confidence and determination would be increased.
People depend on the government for support to…

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