The Lack Of People Caring Essay

1168 Words Nov 10th, 2016 5 Pages
The lack of people caring is not only affecting us humans in how we treat each other but also other environments around us. The lack of caring by humans is causing innocent lives that cannot talk or defend themselves to die. These beings are animals. Animals are being affected by us not caring about what happens to them our selfish acts are the cause of their deaths. Wildlife extinction has gotten worse because of pollution, but the lack of humans caring has been the biggest cause. Humans have stopped caring about mass extinction. Many people believe this issue is only for the rich who have money in order to contribute to organizations or groups who are currently fighting mass extinction. The main reason that every person is being held back is that they are overwhelmed by the catastrophe approaching that they believe it is too late to do anything. Then this leads to not caring because it becomes an “Oh Well” moment. A geologist stated that “... we have to recognise that our impact is game-changing on this planet” (Hance, 2015, para 5). It is vital that humans see the importance in mass extinction because human actions can trigger an enormous catastrophe. However, humans have lost hope in saving the wildlife. Humans want everything that benefits them and our ‘needs’ are causing Earth to collapse. As an author from Project Syndicate informed, “More people also means the production of more computers...along with more mining operations for the rare earths needed…”(Ehrlich,…

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