The Lack Of Empathy For People With Mental Illnesses Essay

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Awareness is the state of being aware or having the knowledge. This is what society today is lacking for those who have a disability or a mental illness. Many of people suffer from these problems and many of others do not know about the importance of them. There are many false assumptions about those who have a mental illness or a disability and the main one is that they are harmful. Mental illnesses and disabilities is becoming more and more of a problem and no one knows about them. The importance and awareness of mental illnesses and disabilities in society are being affected by media influence, the lack of help, and empathy from others and is becoming a problem.
The lack of empathy for people with mental illnesses or disability cause the misconception of that they are very negative, helpless and dissimilar compared to those who do not have a mental illness or suffer from a disability. They want someone who just understands or can relate to them without feeling sympathized for. Michael Chabon author of “XO9” suffers from a mental illness along with many others in his family and in his article he writes, “Sometimes I try to come up with sensible answers to these questions, logical explanations for these recurring tropes, motifs, and phrases, but in truth there’s only one honest answer that a writer in the grip of XO9 can give: I can’t help it.” (Chabon, 187) People struggling with mental illnesses or disorders can not control themselves. They are not quite understood…

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