The Lack Of Diversity At Ellison 's Furniture Essay

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Surface Problems. In this case study, the main surface issue is the lack of diversity at Ellison’s Furniture. With a small staff of 20 salespersons, there is only one African American employed at the company. Despite her manager’s support, Karla feels ignored, isolated, and an outsider excluded from social gatherings especially those held outside of the office. Karla responded to the isolation and cold reception from her co-workers by becoming quieter and more withdrawn. While feeling ostracized, Karla remains very successful in her position in spite of these problems with the culture at Ellison.
After a couple of years, Daniel, her manager, promotes Karla to his position as he was promoted to an executive level at the headquarters. Even though the sales department has not socially accepted her, Karla feels that they respect her sales ability enough to win them over. Despite having a positive mindset, Karla begins getting a greater avoidance and resistance from the sales department. They appear to be joking and laughing behind her back, and they are purposely taking a long time to respond to her work requests. Suddenly, the staff begins to cooperate and include Karla in social events. While enjoying their changed behavior, she realizes they are only being friendly because she will be conducting their annual performance reviews for all of the employees.
Root problems. The underlying issue is that “the employees are resisting diversity through exclusion,…

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