The Lack Of Civility Is Not An Age Issue Essay

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In one of the American airlines, a female passenger did not get sandwiches on her flight, instead of asking politely why she had not, she started shouting and hurling insults. She went further and punched the flight attendant. Amazingly, the other passengers were not perturbed; they just stared at the ordeal until another flight attendant intervened. Such a happening is not an isolated case; in fact, it is the depiction of the modern American society where a courteous inquiry is substituted with rudeness. It seems that there is an epidemic of rudeness and incivility that has eroded the national morals that defined the Great America. ‘Have a nice day ', ‘travel safely ', ‘I am sorry, but would you mind…. ' and other phrases that depicted courtesy have been forgotten. The lack of civility is not an age issue; it cuts across the age divide. Judith Martin 's a renowned columnist of ‘Miss Manners ' in her article Manners Matter noted that lack of manners results in serious problems and it is the start of crime characterized by short tempers (27). Also, Patrick Garry, a law professor and a holder of Ph.D. in Constitutional History notes, "The decline of civility is one notorious trademark of the growing contentiousness of American society" (66). Thus incivility in America has become an oppositional culture in both the urban and rural areas.

Cases of personal infringement have been the rise, a report on disintegration and rudeness shows that incivility has been normalized and…

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