The Lack Of Accountability And Public Sector Essay

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After some research, it was discovered that 80 percent of Iranians’ daily living needs are fulfilled in some part or another by its public sector public sector. The populations reliance has lead to Iran 's ' public sector 's considerable growth . The vast growth of Iran 's government is considered to be one of the causes of some of the interdepartmental corruption.
The corrupt behavior displayed by the employees of this specific section can be attributed to their low pay, which in turn puts them in a position of providing the necessities for their families’ daily living expenses. While a small fraction are paid well, greed is a motivating factor behind this type of corrupt behavior.
Another key factor is the lack of accountability, which could help abate corruption. In order for proper observance of the rules and regulations to take place, the administrators must be an example of the actions expected, accountable and above rapport. However, there have been reports of difficulties of the enforcement of this practice.
Take restrictions on civil liberties, for example. Given these restrictions, watchdog organizations that could provide information leading to the detection and enforcement of anti-bribery actions investigators, independent accountants, the media, civil society organizations, etc; have not been developed. Meanwhile, legal institutions charged with enforcing laws and principles are unprepared to handle the complexity of this task. One of the most flagrant…

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