The Lack Of Academic Opportunities For Girls Essay examples

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In his book, Creating Room to Read, John Wood discusses the scarcity of educational opportunities for girls. He states that two hundred million girls and women all over the world do not attend school (Wood 21). It is startling that something so many people take for granted, education, is considered a luxury to girls in other areas of the world. This is a major injustice and raises the question of how to solve this issue. The lack of academic opportunities for girls is a problem that can be solved by advocating for and allocating resources to the advancement of educational opportunities for girls. To understand why education is so important to bring to girls, one must first examine the benefits that education can have in a person’s life. Education is essential for success in the many areas of life. For example, financial success is directly influenced by the amount and quality of education one receives. Without a solid academic foundation, finding a well-paying job will be a challenge. Studies have shown that an extra year of schooling boosts a woman’s future income by 15% (Girls’ Education). It’s important to have a job that pays well so that people are able to provide food and shelter for their families. Furthermore, having an education is necessary for making health decisions. Having knowledge about one’s anatomy lends way to people making educated decisions about their healthcare. Wood states that an educated woman is twice more likely to vaccinate her children than an…

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