The Labour Unions Essay

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The labour unions are traditionally on the political left, yet remain economically closed to migration. Yet, Merkel insisted that immigrants would not be considered ‘until we have done all we can to help our own people become qualified and give them a chance’ (Connoly: 2012). The DGB (German Confederation of Trade Unions) have been apprehensive about accepting immigrants due to the failed migration policies of the past, which resulted in the permanent settlement of migrants. Legislation reforms under 1999 citizenship law change represented a historic shift from jus sangunis (citizenship by descent) to jus soli (citizenship by birth in the territory) (Martin: 2004), which could be explained by to the social ties which has been forged across boarders, which illustrates ‘the importance of migrant agency, the sustained nature of migration and societies’ dependence on migration and the creation of transnational communities’ (Castles, 2004: 222). DGB board member Annelie Buntenbach argued that ‘given the racist violence against people seeking protection and right-wing populism, we want to set an example of solidarity,’ aligned with the traditional liberal ideals of trade unions. Now it ‘comes down to the rapid integration of refugees in good work and education’ (DGB: 2015). This emphasises that workers will be accepted by unions on the grounds of cultural integration – to which humane working conditions and minimum standards are essential’ (DGB: 2015). This can be interpreted as…

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