LUSA Club Network Analysis

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The LUSA Clubs network is going from strength to strength in terms of the increasing amount of Clubs available for students to join, currently sitting at 42 Clubs.
As always, there are areas to improve on with the Club network it would be great to increase the presence of clubs on campus to the wider student body. LUSA have succeed in enabling the Postgrad Society and International Club to hold more events this year, which has been a key priority.
Clubs funding was increased in Semester 2 2015 to ensure Clubs are not restricted financially, enabling them to produce more events as well as to assist with subsiding ticket costs – or eliminating a cost totally – to students wanting to attend. This has allowed for a wider variety of students
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LUSA are working on how we can better use social media to engage with students. Julia attended a full day comprehensive social media workshop in early July which was hugely beneficial.
Website – the main source of information about LUSA. It hosts our clubs database, FAQs, event details and our latest news. It is there to help students know what LUSA can help them with, and who to talk to. It also provides an opportunity for external businesses to contact us and advertise in our media.
Student Communication
With the database forever being updated and expanding, we are getting out a lot more invitations, reminders and what’s happening in and around campus to students with fortnightly Email Campaigns. Whether it be an all student campaign or a more personalised invite to a Club event, the click of a mouse is a very fast and efficient and cost effective way to let students know what’s going on and getting them to come along to information evening, meet and greets and
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The start of semester two saw the Board establish and understand LUSA’s key purpose and the reason why we do everything we do. This is to make sure students have a good time at University. This newly invigorated Board have set LUSA on a course of enhancement with students at the centre of it. This has involved a bit of policy writing, with all policies being reviewed, and some new committees being set up.
A strategic plan for 2017 to 2019 is being developed and will see a high performing team that operate efficiently and are passionate about a great student experience. LUSA need to ensure they remain relevant to the ever changing demands of Lincoln Students. Ultimately we want LSUA to be your first point of contact or any issue, thought or general yarn ANY student has. A step toward this process is the creation of an Advisory Panel to advise the Board on LUSA’s operations to ensure best practice is

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