The Importance Of Diversity In The LGBT Community

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According to the National Transgender Discrimination Survey, 90% of the transgender population reported that they have experienced some form of harassment in the workplace and almost half of the LGBT population hide their sexual orientation while at work in fear that their work environment would become unwelcoming. On November 16, 2016, I attended the LGBT diversity presentation in Halle Library. Mary Larkin was the speaker and there she talked about how we can be more inclusive of the LGBT community as well as how we can be more diverse and accepting in our society. Diversity means that there is a mix of groups that make up our society and each group is different in a way. Inclusion, on the other hand, means that those groups welcome and support …show more content…
Many of what I had already known was that while our society is slowly becoming more accepting there are still many instances that need to be worked upon in order to be fully inclusive as we become more diverse in the LGBT community. The way I learned about the LGBT community was from my friends who were part of the community, learning about it in psychology classes, or by learning it from the media. I developed what I had been learning through learning more about it and how I could take more steps to help with society becoming more inclusive. From the event, I took away that we don’t really have to do much to be a diverse society, and that we can be diverse and not inclusive, which happens in regards to many things including the LGBT community. Also in the event, I learned more statistics about LGBT students. I learned that in the GLSEN survey of 2013, they found that 81.9% of LGBT students reported being verbally harassed, which 63.5% feel unsafe because of their sexual orientation. These numbers show that while we may be diverse, we are not truly an inclusive society. After the event, I became more aware of what diversity and inclusion mean in the LGBT society that I haven’t really thought about in a more specific sense. When she asked us if we could name three well-known gay people who impacted society we couldn’t even name one, which shows that there is a problem in the representation we give to members

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